Which legal status to choose for investing in real estate?

  What to choose as a legal status for investing in real estate? Is it better to constitute an SCI or a family SARL investment has been very successful in recent years. It is still today the first type of long-term investment required by the French with a view to building […]


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Why invest in a rental property?

  Nowadays, choosing a real estate program for a rental investment represents many advantages, both in terms of tax and fees. In addition, real estate remains the preferred investment of the French because of the security of the investment, its accessibility and the simplicity of its implementation. Return on the […]

Loc’Advantages versus furnished rentals: which is best?

Are you an owner and want to rent out your property? You can opt for Loc’Advantages scheme or furnished rentals. The Loc’Avantages system allows you to benefit from a significant tax reduction calculated according to the amount of the rent. The lower the rent, the greater the tax reduction. Loc’Avantages […]


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Invest in real estate with or without renovation work?

Investing in real estate still remains a refuge for many French people today. However, two situations arise, namely taking accommodation with or without renovation work. Both cases have certain advantages, but how can you be sure to make the right choice? We tell you everything in the following article. Advantages of […]

Coronavirus: the real estate market could well resist it!

Faced with the exceptional events that affect the French Real Estate Market today, this is a somewhat special barometer. Under current conditions, it is indeed difficult to comment on figures which relate only to the first fifteen days. There are different scenarios regarding the evolution of the French real estate market […]

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Paris Olympics

RealtyScope, Real Estate transactions

As a Tax Attorney, my activities have always brought me to advise clients in wealth management and Real Estate Investments. The evolution of French Law regulating lawyers activities allows me to assist you in real estate transactions whether your are buyer or seller. As an attorney in real estate transactions, I define […]


The French Riviera saw an increase in its attractiveness for foreign investors still lured by the Cote d’Azur from abroad. With reduced prices, a weak euro and recent changes to taxation, the current market makes things much easier for foreign investors. The French Riviera is one of the most attractive […]

Wealthy investors are turning back to prime real estate

Wealthy buyers are back in the French luxury real estate market. They would even be more than 70% to think that the present time is ideal for them to acquire an exceptional property. The French luxury real estate enthusiast residents are back and benefit from the price sobering, especially in […]

Small size offices market booming in Paris

Sales and rentals of small size offices (those which are less than 1,000 square meters) have jumped 22% year on year in Paris. The market for offices in Paris Region (sales and rentals mixed) saw its revenue in the second quarter to decline by 24% year on year. On the […]

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French housing market picks up again

If the market for new housing construction remains hopelessly apathetic, the market of existing properties shows real signs of recovery. Professional Investors have reported a 15.2% increase in the number of sales during the first half of 2015 compared with the first six months of the previous year. Since the end […]