The importance of foreign buyers in Paris property market

Many observers underline the importance of foreigners in the Paris real estate market. Some highlighting their role in price formation and the functioning of the property market. If foreigners can occasionally perform a key role in some very narrow market segments in the Capital, especially for very large property and […]


INVESTING IN BORDEAUX In the new as in the old, it is good to invest in Bordeaux. The real estate exhibition Bordeaux brings his stone building your projects. The stone remains a safe haven for all households, whether for a first investment or for the rental. But it is not easy to […]

Cannes Luxurious Residence – L’Elegante

Cannes is eminently fortunate to enjoy an ideal climate and exceptional location. The city has been synonymous with “the sweet life” since the Belle époque period at the turn of the century when it was one large garden dotted with villas. The film festival with its legendary bay closed off by two […]

Luxury real estate: buyers more cautious

The real estate is not totally uncorrelated to the stock market. Beautiful Parisian apartments could become more accessible to French buyers, in an arbitration fast their foreign owners. While the real estate of prestige strengthened its safe haven status in times of debt crisis, it is not totally uncorrelated to […]

The British are back to France

The British now prefer France to Spain, when buying a second home. The Hexagon has become the subject of the country preferred English, Scots and Welsh more, says a study published Monday, September 26 in London by the real estate group Savills and the HomeAway website. Our neighbors across the […]

property prices are declining

Taxation preserved for a few months, lending rates still low and more reasonable prices, the lights are green for those with a real estate project. The property prices will drop? Buyers and sellers are wondering. In some French cities, the movement had already begun. But the capital was up this […]

The market for luxury real estate

The owners do not dream only of beautiful stones. The real estate of prestige attracts more and more professionals. Along with “historical” as the group Féau Daniel, established in 1945, and Emile Garcin, a few years later, arise new, tight under the banners of franchisors to international names reassuring for customers able to […]

Real Estate: Luxury knows no crisis

The network specialized in properties and luxury apartments, released  in the second quarter 2011 total sales of 131 million euros. A result greater than 65% compared to 2008, “the record year for luxury real estate in France,” said Sotheby’s. The market for luxury real estate in France found an even […]

Real estate market: a future in the light of the Finance Act 2012

Real estate market: a future in the light of the Finance Act 2012 The real estate market is at a turning Ile, announced solemnly experts. Still, it should not take it to the wall … While real estate has become the “vault” of the French – i.e. the safe haven […]

The Real Estate Market outlook for 2012

What are the prospects of  the real estate market in this fall 2011?  This question is harassing the real estate industry which tries to find answers. A first in any case: the crisis of sovereign debt this summer and the financial tsunami we are experiencing has already forced the professionals […]