The four characteristics of this type of investment are:

1 – Buying a Home on the plan or nine built in a resort ranked

2 – Management of the property entrusted to a management company who will handle the lease of the property, maintenance, and will guarantee the collection of rent.

3 – Recovery of VAT and tax reduction .

4 – Ability to personally occupy the home a few weeks in the year.


Building programs specifically designed for a holiday tourists who are offered certain services, receive the name of tourist residences . These furnished apartments and rooms can be rented by the day, week or month for tourists whose domicile is elsewhere. The customer benefits in these residences of certain equipment and services most often managed by a company.

These residences are listed in categories and their classification is available from the Prefecture of their department, which assigns a number of stars depending on the level of comfort and facilities they offer.

For the vacationer, the residence offers a formula by offering a smart living accommodation with service and leisure activities. These include catering, cleaning homes, provision of linen, hospitality, child care, but also the presence of a swimming pool, gym and various sports facilities (tennis, golf, etc. .), a laundry room. All residences obviously do not have all these benefits that are based on the category of the residence.

Tourist homes offer residents a variety of services that range from the restoration to the care of children, through the provision of laundry and cleaning in the apartment.

They can also be equipped with a swimming pool and sports facilities (gym, tennis court, for example)

The level and variety of equipment vary depending on the residence and category.

Tourist homes are considered commercial establishments. As such they provide at least three of the following services: reception and reception, breakfast service, the provision of linen, cleaning of houses. These services are subject to VAT, it is possible for the investor to claim a refund of VAT incurred on the acquisition, or 19.6% and thus reduce its acquisition cost substantially.


Necessary equipment and services offered which obviously have a cost burden would be too heavy and freehold purchase terms offered by developers can assume only the cost of occupation required a few weeks in the year . To recoup such an investment that you would only use during your holiday, it must rent the rest of the time .

To make this investment profitable so it must be to manage when you do not mind and this is where the operating company that will manage your property for you by providing rental and maintenance. When you sign the purchase, in addition to the bill of sale, a commercial lease with the operating company.


The operating company you are guaranteed the payment of rent which is determined at the outset. Being a commercial lease, it is in principle indexed every three years. The guaranteed amount takes into account the price of rentals, the filling ratio, but also charges related to housing (maintenance, repairs) and marketing costs of stay. It also depends on the number of weeks when you book accommodation (up to five / six weeks).

The payment of rent in the amount previously set, is guaranteed by the operating company and indexed every 3 years. The guaranteed amount depends on the number of weeks you will hold yourself housing, miscellaneous expenses, marketing costs of stay, the price of rentals and the filling ratio.

The major advantage of this type of investment is the lack of stress management and maintenance and guarantee of collection of rent .


The device of tax exemption Scellier-Bouvard , also called tax cut Scellier, benefits to investors in tourist residence


If you invest in a new home or purchased off-plan located in a tourist residence before December 31, 2011, you can benefit from the tax benefit.

You will need to sign a commercial lease for a period of at least nine years and commit to renting the furnished flat during this same period the operator of the residence or establishment.

There are no conditions for the rent of tenants or resources.

The tax benefit

The tax reduction will be equal to 18% of the cost for investments made between 2011 and 2012. Several homes are eligible for the tax reduction under the same tax year but the basis of the reduction may not exceed € 300,000 and the annual tax reduction is a maximum of € 54,000.

The reduction is spread over nine years through ninth, after the year of completion of the dwelling or that of its acquisition, whichever is later.

The cost is the basis of the tax reduction is equal to the purchase price excluding tax plus legal fees , of around 3% because it is a new home.

Example: In 2011, buying off-plan (that is to say on plans) a new house worth € 300,000 in a tourist residence. It is delivered and then leased in 2012. The tax reduction is: 300,000 x 18% = € 54,000. It is spread over nine years at a rate of € 6,000 per year under the income tax years 2012 to 2020. Under identical conditions but for an investment amounting to € 200,000, the tax cut is (200,000 x 18%) / 9 = € 4,000 per year.