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J2M is a French Law Firm registered with the Paris Bar.

To get in touch with us, you might call us: +33 142 250 848 or send us a message through the contact page.

We focus on the following areas :

We concentrate on business in France and help you organize and optimize your legal structures in France.  Our focus in the following areas: doing business in France, French law, corporation law. We help you set up a new company, get VAT number, liaise with all French authorities and agencies.
We also refer you to a relevant professional such as Trade lawyer, Intellectual properties specialists, accountants and CPA.

In our capacity of Attorney in real estate transactions, we help you find, negotiate and buy a French property, a French house, a french riviera property or a Paris apartment. Buying a home in France requires to set up a team of professionals in a large variety of professionals. We have those connexions set up in place for you.

As former tax inspector, we assist you in a number of issues: from tax audit and tax litigation to tax optimization and tax representation. We are also hired by clients to audit their legal structures and revamp their organization in a more tax-efficient manner.

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