The best wedding and dating agencies in France

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After suffering strong competition from dating sites, wedding agencies are coming back to the fore. Let’s discover together these matchmakers of love. Marriage is recognized by French law as a legitimate reason for obtaining a residence permit in France when your spouse is French.

A wedding agency is a company specializing in bringing together singles (its clients) wishing to invest in a romantic relationship. It must therefore know the personality, expectations and needs of both parties to optimize their chances of success. In other words, it has to “work”! There are independent wedding agencies or franchises.

Otherwise, you can opt for dating sites. If you are not comfortable with written communication, know that there is a dating service. By using this service, a virtual seduction assistant will be able, in the seduction spaces, to take charge of your search and your contacts.



Should you opt for an international wedding agency?

wedding agency for seniors

A few tips

The Serious Dating Site or The Matchmaker 2.0

The different serious dating sites

Personality tests and the coupling system

Meet Singles during Containment

How much does it cost?


Should I opt for an international wedding agency?

If you want exoticism, to seek love beyond borders, you can call on international wedding agencies. There is, however, a risk. You can, in fact, meet some people driven by motivations other than those of finding sincere love. It is therefore necessary to be particularly careful.


wedding agency for seniors

Finding love is not easy and perhaps even more so when you are in your fifties and over. Many seniors do not feel comfortable with dating sites and are looking for alternatives. Wedding agencies can then facilitate the connection by offering adapted services.

Without being exhaustive, we can cite a few well-established wedding agencies. Among the franchised agencies, we can mention the Fidelio network or UNICIS. These agencies have proven themselves and enjoy a good reputation. In the high-end sector (national and international agency), Esther Keller has good press, as does Monceau St Honoré.

Be aware that there are small independent wedding agencies that offer quality services. Maybe there is one near you? It will be up to you to glean some information to reassure you about its ethics and know-how.


A few tips

Having trouble achieving your goals on dating sites? Here are some additional coaching lessons to help you: 


Lesson 1: registration on the site 

The choice of your dating site is important because you must find the one that best meets your expectations. Our comparator allows you to find the sites that are the most efficient! Don’t be afraid to go all out and register on several sites, this has the double advantage of making you visible to more users and also of having access to more profiles! 


Lesson n°2: the crucial step of the creation of the profile 

For you to meet this ordeal with flying colors, there are several secrets. First of all, regarding your profile picture, studies show that the most successful are the photos on one level and outdoors. Do not hide behind the eternal selfie where we only see half of your face, it is often prohibitive! Also avoid photos in pairs or worse, with your cat!

Regarding the description: it is also very important because it often allows the other person to identify your personality and your centers of interest and therefore gives ideas for a topic of conversation for a first contact. You don’t want to miss a nice meeting because no one knew what to say to you – apart from the endless “hey” or “hi” that you often ignore!

Your description must be honest and without spelling mistakes. Descriptions about sports, music or reading are very popular! Finally, try to be positive and avoid words like “alone” or “loneliness” which will scare your potential partner. If you want to be very successful, it is better to talk about your interests rather than what you are looking for at the risk of closing doors! Stay open and clarify your expectations during the conversation!


Lesson 3: the first message

Most users receive many messages, to attract the attention of your partner (again the “hello” is to be banned) be original and personalize your message for the person you are interested in. Lean on a detail of his profile to have more impact! The expression is also important: be positive / positive and irreproachable concerning the spelling (yes, your intelligence counts too!). 


Lesson 4: Get serious

If during the discussion you see that the chemistry is present, do not hesitate to take the first step and propose an appointment. Be careful not to lock yourself into a purely virtual relationship, we know that the rake is your greatest fear but as they say, love happens when you (don’t) least expect it! For the meeting place, prefer a public place like a good restaurant or a nice bar! Finally bonus advice: trust yourself and stay natural and smiling, it’s very appreciated! Conversely, giving oneself a false gender is very quickly noticed!


The Serious Dating Site or The Matchmaker 2.0

Serious dating sites are the new matchmakers of the 21st century; they offer the possibility to anyone to expand their horizons and their possibilities to the maximum. Some, still convinced of being able to find Love otherwise, will continue to seek among their friends, and the friends of their friends and so on…

But the truth is that today there are no simpler and more effective dating sites to find the one who will follow you to the end of the world, and that’s exactly what Meetic wants to offer you. This is why we offer you the selection and comparison of the top 10 of the best serious dating sites.

Serious dating sites open the possibility for all its members to potentially meet; we therefore go from a maximum of a hundred possibilities for each individual in a lifetime, to several million at the click of a button. And the Internet is full of these “success stories”, these stories of couples who had the chance to meet on Meetic when this would never have been the case without these new dating opportunities.


The various serious dating sites

Following the success of the first serious dating sites and their ability to connect serious singles, other platforms have developed to offer more choice, possibilities and diversity.

While Disons Demain is dedicated to seniors, others are dedicated to serious relationships, the most religious or even professionals and diplomas. The important thing is that everyone finds happiness there, whatever their age, family and professional situation.

So if you are looking for a partner who will understand you and who will accept you as you are, this selection of the best serious dating sites is made for you.


Personality tests and the coupling system

Much more effective and serious than simple dating applications without a future, serious dating sites aim to find the person who suits you according to very specific affinities.

A personality test is therefore made available to you in order to select a partner according to your criteria but also according to your character; the most successful being that of Parship. We therefore offer you the possibility of directly meeting people who are potentially compatible with you so that you no longer waste time with people who have nothing in common with you.

Serious dating sites also offer a full list of tools and options to make your experience more enjoyable and efficient; you are offered to sort the profiles yourself or let an algorithm do it for you. Dating sites offer an application with integrated chat to facilitate communication between members.

Moreover, contrary to popular belief, dating sites are mostly made up of men and women looking for a serious story, or even true love. With the serious dating sites that we offer, there are no losers, only happy ones!


Meet Singles During Containment Dating

sites open the possibility for all its members to meet live; you therefore go from a dozen possibilities to hundreds in one click.

Because we know, in this period of deconfinement, committed singles need to know each other better than ever. Fortunately, Meetic has launched its video calling feature. Video calls allow you to extend your conversations and get to know each other better.

Share a one-on-one video now to extend your exchanges and get to know each other better! This call can be considered as an appointment in its own right and even a little special, since thanks to the video you will finally be able to… see each other!


How much does it cost?

The answer is not as simple as the question. First of all, the majority of them offer you a registration and a trial period completely free and without obligation to purchase. Other dating sites are simply totally non-paying for women.

In addition, some of them offer a very high quality service or additional options and are therefore paid. But being completely objective, these serious dating sites offer very good value for money, especially if you consider a happy future in love.

All you have to do is benefit from our comparison of the 10 best serious dating sites and make the right choice!


wedding agencies serious in France:

  • 1. The Unicis dating agency

N°1- First of all there is the dating agency Unicis which maintains a large network with 47 years of experience in the field. Indeed, Unicis uses all its professionalism to find your soul mate, rallying all the criteria that could help you. Unicis guides those who are looking for their better half by setting up serious procedures, personal coaching, and advice. Unicis is until now a reference of French wedding agencies.

  • 2. The wedding agency Fidelio

N°2- The Fidelio Agency is one of the great leaders in the search for a soul mate in France. Specialist in dating since 1957, Fidelio provides its clients with advisers to respond effectively to your requirements. The Fidelio Agency is strict in their field and will offer you qualitative meetings that will not disappoint you. Each client who joins the Agency’s network must meet conditions so that you do not come across married or other people.

  • 3. The Unicentre agency

N°3- Prepare ideal encounters with the help of the Unicentre wedding agency. Since 1987, the Unicentre agency has offered many means for the realization of serious and stable meetings. Selection tests are first of all necessary in order to sort the candidates and so that there is a great diversity of choices. Everyone can find the profile that suits them at the Unicentre agency.

  • 4. Elite Connexion

N°4- Élite Connexion is a wedding agency that offers top-of-the-range services. It is present throughout France and was founded in 2006. Since then, Elite Connexion has paid full attention to the sure values ​​of a real couple: fidelity, tenderness, trust, conviviality. Thanks to its luxurious and VIP services, the Agency has a very good reputation in the matrimonial field, and even internationally. Elite Connexions exclusive services show a success rate and are also solicited by the press and the media for live TV broadcasts.

  • 5. Entre Elle et Lui

N°5- A wedding agency that has been very successful in France since 2002: Entre Elle et Lui. The Entre Elle et lui agency works with the aim of making people looking for their better half happy. The agency uses exclusive methods for the selection of candidates, so that meetings take place between people without constraints and motivated by their desire. She and Him collaborate with certified and passionate professionals in the field.

  • 6. The dating agency Esther Keller

N°6- The dating agency Esther Keller has many networks in France and even in other countries such as Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg. Esther Keller offers serious people the possibility of finding those who correspond to their criteria thanks to an address book. The agency acts in a confidential and discreet environment so that its clients can feel comfortable in their search.

  • 7. The Monceau St Honoré agency

N°7- The Monceau St Honoré agency is your partner for your quest for love. Monceau St Honoré guides its clients step by step through the stages of carrying out your meeting. The Monceau st Honoré wedding agency works with international collaborators from New York to Hong Kong and throughout Europe. Expert advice, ultra-selective access tests and top-of-the-range services allow customers to find what they are looking for.

  • 8. Harmonie wedding Agency

N°8- Visit the “harmonie” to find your soul mate. Harmonie has a network of serious dating agencies throughout France since 1975. Harmonie helps you achieve your happiness and give meaning to your life thanks to its team which works nearly 60 hours a week. She offers personalized coaching services so that clients can find the person who corresponds to the requested profile.

  • 9. Inter-contact seniors

This is a wedding agency for seniors. If you are 55 or older and looking for the perfect person to share your life with, the agency should not disappoint you. She operates mainly in Paris as well as in the Ile de France. Having obtained the ONCRH Excellence Award in 2018, the agency has nothing more to prove. Personalized support will be provided to help you meet serious people in no time. In addition, it can also help you in terms of seduction. You will be irresistible.

  • 10. Ultimate meeting

The ultimate meeting agency is located in Paris. It offers tailor-made services that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Thanks to her large network, she can put you in contact with men or women from all over the world. The Agency undertakes to reimburse you if the profiles it offers you do not meet your expectations. With the follow-up of a qualified and experienced coach, you are not likely to be disappointed.

  • 11. Atoutcoeurs

The Agency is renowned for its high standing and serious encounters. In order to guarantee its members a better quality of service, human contact is privileged. Atoutcoeurs offers exceptional service where discretion is the key word. There will be no blogs or anonymous announcements. Everything is kept secret. The Agency is personally responsible for finding the person who meets everyone’s expectations. Being approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the reputation of the agency atoutcoeurs continues to grow over time. If you are in Paris or Lille and its surroundings, the agency is at your disposal 7 days a week.