In the new as in the old, it is good to invest in Bordeaux. The real estate exhibition Bordeaux brings his stone building your projects. The stone remains a safe haven for all households, whether for a first investment or for the rental. But it is not easy to decipher the workings of the market continues to evolve.

What is the offer of new and existing homes for sale in the area? What are the models of houses can I do to build? At what rate can I borrow for my project? What are the rights of the seller and buyer or landlord and tenant? To all these questions and many others, this event will bring you practical, effective and constructive responses … always!.

When it comes to real estate exhibition in Bordeaux, any visitor carrying a project found among professionals answers to  their questions and many others. The real estate exhibition in Bordeaux, this is the place where everyone can fast forward its real estate project with the right information.

Of the 30 most populated French cities, the capital of the Aquitaine region ranks first in the ranking thanks to its dynamism and attractiveness. It is therefore natural that the real estate exhibition in Bordeaux open at Hangar 14, from 4 to 6 April. With 50 exhibitors in the former estate, new, construction, financing and advisory the show sees itself as THE place this spring 2014. During three days, Hangar 14 will be dedicated to builders, developers, banks, brokers, real estate agents and agencies wealth management, for they bring you the answers you need to finalize your real estate projects.

Indeed, the stone remains a safe haven for all households, whether for a first investment or for the rental. But it is not easy to decipher the workings of the market continues to evolve. Aid the accession devices are numerous and specific, the fluctuating loan rates, reforms in the complex and changing construction. You want to invest, but hesitate to so many points to consider? Do not miss the show of the Real Estate to develop, nurture, and build the project of your dreams.

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Since the beginning of 2013, it seems that French property prices are falling. Down a few points, certainly, but enough for economists and estate market seize the tendency to assert a substantial turnaround for a sector in crisis for months already. While we hear in the whole of France, that the property market is not in top form, there are still cities that were able to take their game and surf the crisis never drown. This is the case of the real estate market in Bordeaux.

So why real estate prices in Bordeaux are doing well when other cities are feeling the pinch?

A panorama of the city or even a walk could reveal secrets. A vibrant city, a municipality that has made its development and its attractiveness heart of its concerns, renewed habitat adapted, designed according to the demands …

Efforts not been in vain against the number of investors that make Bordeaux their favorite city each year. Investors among which we find many Parisians who fled the capital both for their property purchase rental investment as their primary residence.

What are the areas that are popular?

Bordeaux, like all cities, is a greater attraction in some of its neighborhoods. Tranquility and quality of life make these havens of peace in the center of a vibrant city. With 100,000 expected new residents in the coming years, the new real estate market in Bordeaux operates a downtown revitalization for months already. In a context where home ownership is not always easy, Bordeaux is a must thaks to its center remains an attractive and accessible place to invest.

Neighborhoods like St. Peter, City Hall, Public Garden or Chartrons were, and still are attractive because they offer a number of services while remaining calm in the center of the city. The Saint-Michel is meanwhile one of the favorite areas for families looking for an ideal living environment for its rehabilitation services as well as merchants who facilitate the daily lives of residents.