About J2M

J2M is a Paris Based Law Firm that concentrates on French Business Law and French Immigration Law for English-speaking professionals. Dealing with professionals settling in France, J2M also providence assistance in the fields of Corporate law and Tax law.

It is dedicated to businesses and individuals that plan to relocate or invest in France, with an emphasis on helping English-speaking professionals. Our aim is to provide you with the best possible advice and to help you secure your project, your investment, or your venture.

Jean-Jacques Michallon is the director of J2M and as a Former Tax Inspector. He focuses his professional practice on assisting English-speaking professionals wishing to settle in France with their family, either as freelancers, business managers or employees.


Whether you plan to come to France as a highly qualified specialist, an investor or to set up a new business, we will help you to navigate through the French procedures and will navigate the Ceseda code for you. We will also help to set up your French startup and get your French Talent Passport to come, work and stay in France.
We assist INDIVIDUALS both in their private lives and in their professional projects. As a French Law Firm, we help expats take positions in their country of choice, find properties, file tax returns, deal with red-tape, struggle with family law, international divorce, and move on to the business projects.
We help BUSINESS ENTITIES to get incorporated, negotiate and sign an agreement with partners. We represent taxpayers before the tax services, help them in structuring the companies’ group or deal with tax litigation. Restructuring is key to provide tax efficiency. We manage ways, timing, knowledge, and strategy to help you get the most of the tax exemptions and tax incentives available for companies organized in a group structure.
REAL PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS are handled with specialized lawyers registered as such with the Paris Bar. You can find assistance to make a transaction that fits your best interests, either in negotiating the price or finding a proxy that knows the specificity of the market. As Attorneys registered with the Paris Bar in real estate transactions, we can assist clients to find, buy, sell, or rent real properties and secure each step of the buying process.