Since May 31, 2021, you can apply for a “talent passport” residence permit online.

The decree n° 2021-313 of March 24, 2021 organized the gradual generalization of the online service for all applications for a residence permit, according to a timetable set by decree and by category of permit.

It is no longer necessary to make an appointment at the prefecture or to travel to carry out these procedures. The beneficiaries concerned will only physically present themselves at the prefecture for the delivery of the residence permit. Between the filing of the application and this delivery of the title, they can consult the status of their application at any time on their online account.

A decree of March 2021 implements the generalisation of online service for all applications for a residence permit.


For a first request, the request for a resident permit must be initiated as soon as you land in France and at the latest within three months of your arrival in France.

For renewal, you must do so at the earliest three months before the expiry of your current residence permit and at the latest two months before expiry.

(if you have already exceeded this deadline, you can submit your application but the prefecture will not necessarily be able to process it before the expiry of your current residence permit).

The ministry recommends to make this request within 4 to 3 months before the expiry of your residence permit or visa. Above all, do not wait until the expiry date of your residence permit to make your request:

  • on the one hand because the processing time can always take several months,
  • On the other, because it is no longer issued a receipt with this new procedure.


Create an account on the ANEF website, then enter your visa number, the start and end dates of your visa. Follow the process that will lead to the creation of your account after instruction.

Digital Administration for Foreigners in France (ANEF) aims to dematerialize all procedures concerning foreigners in France: residence and access to nationality.

After creating your account, you must ensure the following:

  • Personal information : Check your marital status and address information. Do not forget to indicate your telephone number.
  • Supporting docs :Attach the documents justifying your situation that you are asked.
  • Summary: Before validating, carefully check the summary of your request and your documents. Please note that once the application has been submitted, you will no longer be able to modify it.
  • Acknowledgment of receipt confirming the deposit: You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt attesting to the submission of your residence permit application online in your email box.

This certificate can also be downloaded directly from your ANEF account.

With the online renewal procedure,you will no longer receive a receipt but a deposit certificate. It is merely a simple acknowledgement of receipt. Its sole purpose is to certify that an application has been submitted.

This document does not produce the same effects as those of the previous receipt:

  • It does not make it possible to justify the regularity of the stay;
  • It does not confer any rights;
  • It does not allow the exercise of a professional activity;
  • It also does not allow you to cross the borders of the Schengen Area.


In the case of a first request

After validation of your file by an agent of the prefecture, you will receive by email an “attestation de prolongation d’instruction” (ADP). This certificate authorizes you to work but it does not allow you to travel within the Schengen Area or to return to French territory. It does not grant social rights.This mention is made explicitly on the document.

In the case of a renewal of residence permit or visa

After validation of your file by an agent of the prefecture, you will receive by email an attestation de prolongation d’instruction (ADP). The ADP is only valid if accompanied by the residence permit previously held (even if expired).

This certificate allows:

  • to travel and enter the Schengen area regardless of the point of entry,
  • to continue to exercise a professional activity within the framework of the talent passport
  • to keep or to open up social rights.

These mentions are made explicitly on the document.

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