Talent passport: the multi-year residence permit for France

There are multiple types of Talent Passport to France. Are you a non-European foreigner and would you like to work in France for more than 3 months? You can benefit from a multi-year talent passport residence permit under certain conditions. How to request the card? What documents to provide? How much does the residence card cost?  You must […]


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How to get a job in France? Questions & Answers

How to get a job in France? Before preparing to immigrate, you need to know how to get a job in France? You must have done your home work and know how you can come and work in France? You have many questions in mind to prepare your immigration in […]

How to renew a French Residence Permit when divorced ?

Divorce can have consequences on the renewal of a foreigner’s residence permit when the latter’s ex-wife is of French nationality. The question that arises is: How to renew my residence permit if I am divorced from my French wife? To answer this question, we will first see what is the […]


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French Income tax – The Gist of it

French Income tax is calculated on the basis of an overall income defined as the accumulation of categorical income net of deductions and fees: professional income (salaries, BIC, BNC, BA, etc.) , pensions, retirement and annuities and income from assets: income from movable property, property income gains es on transferable […]

Pensions, retirements and life annuities

1. Pensions, retirements and life annuities Pensions, retirements and life annuities free of charge benefit from a reduction of 10% with a minimum and a maximum fixed each year. If part of the pension is paid in kind (housing, electricity, etc.), its amount must be estimated according to the Social […]

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salaries and wages

Salaries and wages

Salaries, Wages, and benefits in kind, remuneration of managers and partners, are subject to the income tax scale after deduction of professional expenses. Professional expenses can, at the choice of the taxpayer, be deducted: either as a flat rate, or for their real and justified amount. Note: Each member of […]

How to obtain a Talent Passport residence permit

The talent passport is a multi-year residence permit for foreigners wishing to work in France for more than 3 months. J2M offers a selection of resources to help you submit an application.   The talent passport is part of a development approach for French Tech, the French start-up movement. In […]

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French Holding Company & Talent Passport

Planning to set up a French Holding company can help a lot to get a Talent Passport and to enjoy a very Tax Effective structuring when you are in France.  1 Before Coming You might have a running company in your home country and wonder how to use it to […]

Invest in real estate with or without renovation work?

Investing in real estate still remains a refuge for many French people today. However, two situations arise, namely taking accommodation with or without renovation work. Both cases have certain advantages, but how can you be sure to make the right choice? We tell you everything in the following article. Advantages of […]

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What is the AGDREF number?

The AGDREF number is a number made up of 10 digits which appear on the residence permit. The AGDREF (Application for the Management of the Files of Foreign Nationals in France) makes it possible in particular to guarantee the right of residence to foreigners in a legal situation on French […]