Talent passport: the multi-year residence permit for France

There are multiple types of Talent Passport to France. Are you a non-European foreigner and would you like to work in France for more than 3 months? You can benefit from a multi-year talent passport residence permit under certain conditions. How to request the card? What documents to provide? How much does the residence card cost?  You must […]


How to Litigate a Rejection of a French Visa Application

Before setting out to litigate a rejection of a French Visa Application, it is necessary to lodge an administrative appeal. This first step is mandatory. If this administrative appeal is not satisfactory, it will then be necessary to refer the matter to the Court. Alongside these contentious actions, it is […]

Income from self-employed professions

Income from self-employed professions is divided into 3 categories according to the nature of the activity carried out: 1. Different categories of Self-Employed income    CATEGORY NATURE OF THE ACTIVITY EXERCISED by SELF-EMPLOYED Industrial and commercial profits (BIC) Profits derived from industrial activities, commercial or artisanal: purchase of goods, materials […]

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foreign diploma


The equivalence of a foreign degree in France is the procedure which evaluates a foreign degree in relation to the French nomenclature of training levels and the European qualifications framework.   Why asking for a certificate Submitting a request for recognition of a degree can be used for the purpose […]

My Prefecture receipt has expired. What should I do?

Do you have a residence permit application receipt (first application or renewal) which will expire in less than 15 days? You have not yet received a notification on the follow-up of your request (information by SMS of the production of the permit or refusal of stay)? In this case, you […]

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SUMMARY The appeal before the Commission (CRRV) Filing a parallel hierarchical appeal Referral to the Administrative Court 1 THE APPEAL BEFORE THE COMMISSION (CRRV)  Created in 2000, the Appeals Commission against decisions refusing entry visas to France (CRRV) is responsible for examining appeals against decisions refusing visas to enter France […]

Documents to provide to obtain French nationality

We invite you to find in this article, the documents to provide for the application for French nationality. Indeed, if you want to apply for French nationality, you must have an idea of ​​the conditions to become a French citizen. Any foreigner wishing to apply for French citizenship must have […]

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Foreign companies having its headquarters abroad without a permanent establishment in France can employ salaried staff even if it has no office in F. The recruitment of an employee in France by a foreign company is provided for by the Labor Code and supervised by specific reporting bodies. In all […]

APS: Foreign students wishing to work in France

Foreign students have to request an APS: Provisional Residence Authorization to work in France after obtaining a diploma. A foreign student who has obtained his diploma may apply for a temporary residence permit under certain conditions. What are the steps to take? Can I apply for another residence permit at […]

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Foreigner in France: can I be self-employed “auto-entrepreneur” ?

Do you have the right to create an auto-entrepreneur status (self-employed) as a foreigner who wants to work in France? If so, under what conditions? What if you are a student? The answers to these questions depend mainly on your residence permit. Let’s take a closer look at the different […]

How to Practice Medicine in France?

If you need to know how to Practice Medicine in France, and what conditions and procedure you must follow, please answer the questions below. This is the first step to get assistance throughout the process. Three conditions are necessary to practice medicine in France: diplomas, nationality and registration on the […]

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