France must strengthen its Talent Passport Visa program.

According to the EAC, the French Passeport Talent Visa program is still too weak to attract qualified workers and high potential foreign students to France.  “The spirit of our study is to promote labor immigration by promoting the arrival in France of qualified immigration from diverse backgrounds” indicates Emmanuelle Auriol […]

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Work permit in France for a foreign employee

Foreigners who enter France to take up paid employment must have a work permit in France (also called a work permit in France for a foreign employee). Otherwise, he cannot be hired. The work permit can take the form of either a visa or a residence permit, or a document […]


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The practice of medicine in France: how to proceed?

In respect of the practice of medicine in France, a healthcare professional who is a national of an EU member country or of a State party to an agreement with the European economic area, must follow a procedure for automatic recognition of his diploma, or comply with an authorization procedure.  […]

What should do a British person to stay in France after Brexit

The withdrawal agreement, entered into force on1 February 2020, contains specific provisions for the right of residence of certain British citizens. Thus, British nationals and members of their families who resided in France before December 31, 2020, retain their acquired rights as European citizens. Under the Withdrawal Agreement, you will […]


Issuance of family reunification visas: the judge bucks French government

Seized by several associations about the Issuance of family reunification visas: the judge bucks the French government by suspending the interruption decided by the Government. The summary judge of the Council of State suspended the Government’s decision to interrupt, because of the covid-19 epidemic, the issuance of family reunification visas […]

Brexit: more than 1,100 applications for residence permits in Vendée

Brexit: more than 1,100 applications for residence permits registered in Vendée by the British. The prefecture of Vendée has informed that more than 1,114 applications for residence permits have been sent by British nationals post-Brexit. After the agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union concluded […]


Making an appointment to the prefecture: what to do if it is impossible?

For months, getting an appointment to the prefecture to submit an application to the foreigners’ service in certain prefectures has become a real obstacle course. The counters are less and less open to the public, it is now necessary to use a mobile phone or computer, and to have access […]

Expatriation bonus: Calculation of expatriation allowances

Going to work abroad was long considered an effort that deserved to be compensated. Living abroad is now a necessary step to access interesting positions and live an enriching international experience. In France, companies facilitate these more numerous departures by offering an Expatriation bonus and various indemnities. But how are they calculated? […]

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The Temporary worker residence permits

The long-stay visa serving as a residence permit or the temporary “temporary worker” residence permit is intended for foreigners who wish to stay in France to exercise a salaried activity under a fixed-term contract of more than 3 months or for salaried foreigners. seconded (mobility outside intragroup or intragroup) who […]