Talent passport: the multi-year residence permit for France

There are multiple types of Talent Passport to France. Are you a non-European foreigner and would you like to work in France for more than 3 months? You can benefit from a multi-year talent passport residence permit under certain conditions. How to request the card? What documents to provide? How much does the residence card cost?  You must […]


foreign diploma


The equivalence of a foreign degree in France is the procedure which evaluates a foreign degree in relation to the French nomenclature of training levels and the European qualifications framework.   Why asking for a certificate Submitting a request for recognition of a degree can be used for the purpose […]

As French Immigration lawyer, J2M concentrates on Visa law

As immigration lawyer, our law firm concentrates on French immigration and Visa law and has established experience in this field. We assist foreigners in their steps to obtain a Visa and a residence permit, to change status, to challenge a decision denying the issuance of a residence permit with or […]

French immigration law

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French income tax scale

The Tax Bracket For the taxation of income received during the previous calendar year, the finance law provides for a revaluation of the brackets of the income tax scale. The brackets limits take into account the increase in prices excluding tobacco. Income received in 2020 Rate Income received in 2021 […]

The change from Student Visa to Freelance

A foreign national holding a student residence permit may apply for the change of student visa status to entrepreneur visa. In reality, strictly speaking, there is no longer a residence permit bearing the mention “trader”. The residence permit that allows the exercise of an independent activity, in a company or […]

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Invest immo

Invest in real estate with or without renovation work?

Investing in real estate still remains a refuge for many French people today. However, two situations arise, namely taking accommodation with or without renovation work. Both cases have certain advantages, but how can you be sure to make the right choice? We tell you everything in the following article. Advantages of […]

French Holding Company & Talent Passport

Planning to set up a French Holding company can help a lot to get a Talent Passport and to enjoy a very Tax Effective structuring when you are in France.  1 Before Coming You might have a running company in your home country and wonder how to use it to […]

once up and running

How to Litigate a Rejection of a French Visa Application

Before setting out to litigate a rejection of a French Visa Application, it is necessary to lodge an administrative appeal. This first step is mandatory. If this administrative appeal is not satisfactory, it will then be necessary to refer the matter to the Court. Alongside these contentious actions, it is […]

Can an asylum seeker work in France?

You can apply for a work permit if you meet the following two conditions: You have the asylum seeker application. Your request has been under review for more than 6 months by the Ofpra. Asylum seekers are not prohibited from having access to employment. Their application for a work permit […]

Asylum seekers

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Capital gains – Principles of taxation

Capital gains from the sale of securities and/or corporate rights are in principle subject to flat-rate taxation with the submission of gains to the PFU of 30% (of which 12.8% income tax and 17.2% social security contributions). Taxation at the progressive scale of income tax has become the exception, this […]

APS: Foreign students wishing to work in France

Foreign students have to request an APS: Provisional Residence Authorization to work in France after obtaining a diploma. A foreign student who has obtained his diploma may apply for a temporary residence permit under certain conditions. What are the steps to take? Can I apply for another residence permit at […]

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