Foreign companies having its headquarters abroad without a permanent establishment in France can employ salaried staff even if it has no office in F. The recruitment of an employee in France by a foreign company is provided for by the Labor Code and supervised by specific reporting bodies. In all […]

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European Blue Card

Change of status to Talent Passport European Blue Card

To request a change of status to Talent Passport, European Blue Card, you must make an appointment within the three months preceding the expiry date of your residence permit. You must make an appointment within the three months preceding the expiry date of your residence permit. This card is issued […]

The French “retired” residence permit

The  “retired” residence permit mentioning retired person allows you to enter France for stays of a maximum duration of 1 year.  You do not have to apply for a visa. This card does not authorize to work in France. Please note: this card does not allow you to bring your […]



American Apostille & Notary Services with Jared Leiman

Jared Leiman is the founder and CEO of  American Apostille & Notary Services, Well-versed in the legal particulars of official document substantiation & certification, Jared is qualified to process documents issued in order to obtain apostilles or consular legalizations. He has experience in this field in all 50 U.S. States, the District […]

Loc’Advantages versus furnished rentals: which is best?

Are you an owner and want to rent out your property? You can opt for Loc’Advantages scheme or furnished rentals. The Loc’Avantages system allows you to benefit from a significant tax reduction calculated according to the amount of the rent. The lower the rent, the greater the tax reduction. Loc’Avantages […]


Invest immo

Invest in real estate with or without renovation work?

Investing in real estate still remains a refuge for many French people today. However, two situations arise, namely taking accommodation with or without renovation work. Both cases have certain advantages, but how can you be sure to make the right choice? We tell you everything in the following article. Advantages of […]

WORK PERMIT: the importance of the Job Description

We will have first and foremost to work on the Job Description to adjust it so that it fits with the French Regulations. Some Jobs are more in demand than others. Foreigners, who enter France to take up salaried employment, must hold a work permit. Otherwise, they cannot be hired. The […]

Foreign employees: how are work permits granted?

When a foreigner applies for a work permit, it is granted if his application meets the following cumulative conditions. The work permit is a document that you must request if you are a foreigner and wish to work in France as an employee. You cannot be hired if you have […]

EXPIRED VISA: regularization by exceptional admission to stay

Exceptional admission to stay is a procedure of expired visa regularization which allows non-European foreigners in an irregular situation to obtain a “private and family life”, “employee” or “temporary worker” residence permit. Do you live in an irregular situation on French territory? What is the procedure to follow to regularize […]

Expired Visa

rental invest

Why invest in a rental property?

  Nowadays, choosing a real estate program for a rental investment represents many advantages, both in terms of tax and fees. In addition, real estate remains the preferred investment of the French because of the security of the investment, its accessibility and the simplicity of its implementation. Return on the […]