Talent passport: the multi-year residence permit for France

There are multiple types of Talent Passport to France. Are you a non-European foreigner and would you like to work in France for more than 3 months? You can benefit from a multi-year talent passport residence permit under certain conditions. How to request the card? What documents to provide? How much does the residence card cost?  You must […]



Emergency and Rescue services in France

Emergency call numbers are telephone numbers for reaching public emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These numbers are generally short and free. Like several Western countries where such a system was already in place, the Ministry of Health French asked that a free emergency call number […]

2021 Annual Statistic on French Immigration

In accordance with the European Statistics Code of Practice, the Directorate General for Foreigners in France (DGEF) of the Ministry of the Interior has set up a calendar for the publication of annual statistics on French immigration falling within the scope of migration and international protection. Thus, in compliance with […]

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Many people doubt whether a foreigner in allowed to create a business in France. As a person of foreign nationality (non-European national) wishing to exercise a commercial, industrial, artisanal activity or another self-employed profession in France, you must have a temporary residence permit (also called a residence permit) authorizing the […]

French Holding Company & Talent Passport

Planning to set up a French Holding company can help a lot to get a Talent Passport and to enjoy a very Tax Effective structuring when you are in France.  1 Before Coming You might have a running company in your home country and wonder how to use it to […]

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Income Tax: who are the taxable persons?

French income tax applies, in principle, to all income received by Taxable persons domiciled in France. But some taxpayers may be living outside of France. Moreover, some people are expressly exempt. The tax is established at the level of the tax household. 1. Extent of taxation according to domicile The […]

Foreigner in France: can I be self-employed “auto-entrepreneur” ?

Do you have the right to create an auto-entrepreneur status (self-employed) as a foreigner who wants to work in France? If so, under what conditions? What if you are a student? The answers to these questions depend mainly on your residence permit. Let’s take a closer look at the different […]

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Foreign doctors allowed to practice medicine in France

Pursuant to article L.4111-1 of the public health code, no one can practice medicine in France unless they meet several cumulative criteria. holder of a diploma, certificate or other title mentioned in article L.4131 -1; of French nationality, of Andorran citizenship or of a national of a member state of […]

Is speaking French mandatory to get a French residence permit?

The first thing to master if you want to live or reside in a foreign country is its language! France, which grants French nationality to more than 100,000 foreigners a year, has required mastery of the French language from all applicants for long-term residence and naturalization. France thus requires a […]

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How to obtain French nationality

If you have been living in France for a few years, then you have surely wondered how to obtain French nationality? Indeed, each year in France, nearly 150,000 foreigners become French and obtain their citizenship. In addition, you must have an idea of ​​the conditions to become a French citizen. […]


Business-Creator-tax-memo To convince bankers and investors of the seriousness of your company and secure the financial balance of your cash flow, the choice of tax regimes is an essential element of your business plan or the development plan of your project. The initial choice of a tax and VAT regime […]

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