Expatriation bonus: Calculation of expatriation allowances

Going to work abroad was long considered an effort that deserved to be compensated. Living abroad is now a necessary step to access interesting positions and live an enriching international experience. In France, companies facilitate these more numerous departures by offering an Expatriation bonus and various indemnities. But how are they calculated? […]

expatriation bonus

The Temporary worker residence permits

The long-stay visa serving as a residence permit or the temporary “temporary worker” residence permit is intended for foreigners who wish to stay in France to exercise a salaried activity under a fixed-term contract of more than 3 months or for salaried foreigners. seconded (mobility outside intragroup or intragroup) who […]


Since the entry into force of the law of March 7, 2016, foreign nationals who are performers or authors of a literary or artistic work may be issued a 4-YEAR FRENCH ARTIST TALENT PASSPORT. This residence permit can be requested in France, from the prefecture with territorial jurisdiction in the […]

Getting a Student Residence Permit

The “student” residence permit The student residence permit is a spécial visa that allows you to pursue studies in France for a period of four months to one year. It must be validated upon your arrival in France. It is issued to a foreigner who can justify continuing his studies […]


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Visitor residence permit: a residence permit like no other

The visitor residence permit is both a residence permit evidenced by a temporary residence permit but also by a visa on the passport of the foreign national. The visitor’s residence permit is provided for by article L313-6 of the CESEDA. It is a kind of somewhat hybrid right of residence […]

The temporary worker residence permit

The long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit or the temporary worker residence permit is intended for foreigners who wish to stay in France to exercise a salaried activity under a fixed-term contract of more than 3 months, or a salaried foreigner seconded (mobility outside the intragroup or intragroup) who […]

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The employee status change procedure concerns foreign nationals who hold a valid residence permit in France and who wish to obtain employee status. The “employee” status change procedure does not only concern students, even if it is the latter who are most often affected by this procedure. It is established case law that the […]

Coronavirus: the real estate market could well resist it!

Faced with the exceptional events that affect the French Real Estate Market today, this is a somewhat special barometer. Under current conditions, it is indeed difficult to comment on figures which relate only to the first fifteen days. There are different scenarios regarding the evolution of the French real estate market […]

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A possible extension of residence permits

The government may extend by ordinance, and for a period of six months, the validity of residence permits for foreigners in a regular situation. Given the context of a health emergency, the government is constrained to legislate in all the fields to face the problems which arise for all the […]