APS: Foreign students wishing to work in France

Foreign students have to request an APS: Provisional Residence Authorization to work in France after obtaining a diploma. A foreign student who has obtained his diploma may apply for a temporary residence permit under certain conditions. What are the steps to take? Can I apply for another residence permit at […]

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french nationality

How to obtain French nationality

If you have been living in France for a few years, then you have surely wondered how to obtain French nationality? Indeed, each year in France, nearly 150,000 foreigners become French and obtain their citizenship. In addition, you must have an idea of ​​the conditions to become a French citizen. […]

A new Talent Passport for foreign doctors

The government wants to create a new residence permit to attract foreign doctors in particular: the Talent Medical passport.   The aim of the new Health Talent Passport It would be intended for health professionals and their families “as soon as they are recruited by a public or private non-profit […]

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Pensions, retirements and life annuities

1. Pensions, retirements and life annuities Pensions, retirements and life annuities free of charge benefit from a reduction of 10% with a minimum and a maximum fixed each year. If part of the pension is paid in kind (housing, electricity, etc.), its amount must be estimated according to the Social […]

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Foreigner in France: can I be self-employed “auto-entrepreneur” ?

Do you have the right to create an auto-entrepreneur status (self-employed) as a foreigner who wants to work in France? If so, under what conditions? What if you are a student? The answers to these questions depend mainly on your residence permit. Let’s take a closer look at the different […]


Housing in France – All you need to know to live in France

We invite you to find in this article all the information on housing in France. Indeed, before leaving to work in France, you must know how to find accommodation in France. Finding accommodation in France is an essential step for anyone wishing to work and live in France. Indeed, you must […]

Can I travel with a residence permit application receipt?

If you are in the process of obtaining or renewing a residence permit, you know that you must regularly request a new receipt from the prefecture. But does this renewal receipt allow you to travel abroad? When you apply for a residence permit at the prefecture or sub-prefecture of your […]


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Foreign companies having its headquarters abroad without a permanent establishment in France can employ salaried staff even if it has no office in F. The recruitment of an employee in France by a foreign company is provided for by the Labor Code and supervised by specific reporting bodies. In all […]