Is speaking French mandatory to get a French residence permit?

The first thing to master if you want to live or reside in a foreign country is its language! France, which grants French nationality to more than 100,000 foreigners a year, has required mastery of the French language from all applicants for long-term residence and naturalization. France thus requires a […]

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You are a foreign student (non-EU national) holding a “student” residence permit and requesting a change of status to “employee” (or “temporary worker”). The request for a change of visa must be submitted to the prefecture of your place of residence.   TABLE OF CONTENT     THE WORK AUTHORIZATION […]

Young innovative start-up and Talent Passport

Obtaining a Talent Passport Visa as an employee of a young innovative company is a path rarely taken. However, it is easier than being recognized as the leader of an innovative project by a public organization. Being recognized by French Tech is also reserved for a fairly exclusive club of […]

J2M, Paris Law Firm

J2M, Paris Law Firm

Pensions, retirements and life annuities

1. Pensions, retirements and life annuities Pensions, retirements and life annuities free of charge benefit from a reduction of 10% with a minimum and a maximum fixed each year. If part of the pension is paid in kind (housing, electricity, etc.), its amount must be estimated according to the Social […]


Dependents The tax household, which makes it possible in particular to determine the number of shares used to calculate income tax, is made up, in addition to the taxpayer and his spouse or partner, of dependents attached to the household on a mandatory basis ( minor children) or not (adult […]

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The cost of living in France – 5 budgets to plan

We invite you to find in this article, the 5 budgets to plan which determine the cost of living in France.  Indeed, before leaving to work in France, you must have an idea of ​​the different budgets that you must plan for. Moreover, the cost of living in France is […]

Foreign employees: how are work permits granted?

When a foreigner applies for a work permit, it is granted if his application meets the following cumulative conditions. The work permit is a document that you must request if you are a foreigner and wish to work in France as an employee. You cannot be hired if you have […]

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J2M, Paris Law Firm


SUMMARY The appeal before the Commission (CRRV) Filing a parallel hierarchical appeal Referral to the Administrative Court 1 THE APPEAL BEFORE THE COMMISSION (CRRV)  Created in 2000, the Appeals Commission against decisions refusing entry visas to France (CRRV) is responsible for examining appeals against decisions refusing visas to enter France […]

How to obtain a Talent Passport residence permit

The talent passport is a multi-year residence permit for foreigners wishing to work in France for more than 3 months. J2M offers a selection of resources to help you submit an application.   The talent passport is part of a development approach for French Tech, the French start-up movement. In […]

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How to renew a French Residence Permit when divorced ?

Divorce can have consequences on the renewal of a foreigner’s residence permit when the latter’s ex-wife is of French nationality. The question that arises is: How to renew my residence permit if I am divorced from my French wife? To answer this question, we will first see what is the […]