Five good ideas to have your income increase

It is very easy to spend money on travel, cars and other electronic gadgets. And yet it is essential to know how to save money. Here are five tips to grow your revenues without depriving yourself.

Make your accounts and minimize your banking costs

Check their accounts and manage everyday might seem a waste of time but it is actually necessary. This will prevent you from writing checks or wood to pay bank charges when you have at the same time savings on your bank book for example. You can also identify which payments are no longer appropriate to be like home insurance from your old apartment that you forgot to cancel. In addition, many banks have recently launched free applications for smartphones, so you can manage your accounts from your mobile phone.

With the advent of online banking, many expenses are no longer applied. Some facilities offer a free credit card, other packages including a map, an insurance loss and theft, emissions foreign transfers, etc.. If you pay your home domiciled.

Set up automatic transfers

It is very annoying to have to pay penalties and interest for late payment to the tax office or your various creditors due to an oversight or misplaced invoices. Arrange for your regular bills are paid by direct debit. Why not opt for monthly payments of your income tax as well? Automation provides a safe and free to get rid of the stress settlement of invoices.

Choose savings

As for bills, consider setting up automatic payments every month to feed your savings account, your ACA or your life insurance policy. This allows you to increase your savings regularly and avoid being too extravagant.

Typically, your banker will be ready to grant you admission reduced if you make a one time payment therefore on your life insurance. Remember, you can also negotiate on the entrance fees of your life insurance when setting up the direct debit.

Negotiate your credit

Always with your banker, negotiate the rate of borrowing for purchases of investment type car or apartment. You have nothing to lose and this can help you make significant savings. You can also renegotiate with your bank for a loan previously contracted for several years.

Avoid the trap of Insurance

Insurance correspond to the price of peace. If they are mandatory and necessary for the home or car the current trend is to offer insurance for a variety of products. Before saying yes to an insurance contract or a warranty extension, make sure it is needed, what it really covers, etc.. Take for example the insurance case your mobile phone. Look, before you purchase, how high the cost of any necessary repairs or even replacing it and ask yourself how often you change your mobile