Wealthy investors are turning back to prime real estate

luxury-apartmentWealthy buyers are back in the French luxury real estate market. They would even be more than 70% to think that the present time is ideal for them to acquire an exceptional property. The French luxury real estate enthusiast residents are back and benefit from the price sobering, especially in Paris.

With the decline in prices, the prospective buyers know their strength and do not hesitate to negotiate. Even if their incomes are very comfortable, they are much more pragmatic in term of price than typical buyers of the ordinary market. 

The high-end rental investment has very good rating

The prestigious property buyers are largely back on the market for rental investment. He had been abandoned because of a lack of confidence. In search of value-added goods, they plébiscite central districts, close to the Seine and the Marais.

A beautiful view is one of the criteria for purchase of these demanding investors who invest an average of one million euros. Getting a good view is not only a privilege. It is also the assurance of a resale with a capital gain of 20 to 25%. But these lovers of exceptional properties also want stability: they turn to housing from 60 to 100 sqm they intend primarily to the furnished rental market for international executives moving to Paris for a defined period.

These buyers are proving dynamic and opportunistic and also well aware of the market realities. Most of the have already bought a high-end property in the last two years and two thirds have resold them in the same period of time. Hence they are on the lookout for new opportunities.