How to obtain a Talent Passport residence permit

Talent PassportThe talent passport is a multi-year residence permit for foreigners wishing to work in France for more than 3 months. J2M offers a selection of resources to help you submit an application.


The talent passport is part of a development approach for French Tech, the French start-up movement.

In order to support and accompany this movement in France, the government has set up support programs for startups to encourage the development of Tech in France and make it a center of excellence.

If you are a foreigner and wish to work in France for more than 3 months, you can benefit from a multi-year residence permit talent passport. This card is issued to you in several situations, in particular if you are highly qualified or wish to create a business or invest in France or if you are an artist. It is valid for a maximum of 4 years and renewable.

The Talent Passport system allowing foreign “talents” (employees, entrepreneurs or international investors) to settle in France while benefiting from a multi-year residence permit, falls within this framework.

A renewable 4-year visa can be issued without qualification and extended to the beneficiary’s family. The “Talent Passport” is a residence permit which:

  • can be issued for 4 years ;
  • does not require a work permit to work for employee talent passports;
  • allows your family to accompany you under the same conditions (spouse and children of the couple) by giving the right to exercise any professional activity ;
  • is renewable under the same conditions as long as your situation in France is unchanged (that the criteria for obtaining it are still met);
  • If these conditions are no longer met because your life course has caused you to change your situation, you can apply for another residence permit (talent passport or other).



From your state of residence, you prepare a complete file in which you present your background, your project and your business plan.

1/ You submit a complete file to the Consulate (or to the outsourced service delegated by the Consulate). You will then be issued a Visa allowing you to come to France.

2/ When you are in France, you take a few additional steps to have your residence permit issued.  This process is fully dematerialized and no longer requires scheduling a prior appointment at the Prefecture. You will go to the Prefecture only to receive your residence permit.



  • Skilled employee
  • Recruitment in an innovative company
  • Highly qualified employment
  • Employee on assignment
  • Searcher
  • Business creation
  • Innovative project recognized by a public body
  • Investor
  • corporate officer
  • Artistic and cultural profession
  • internationally renowned person


* Would you consider applying as self-employed?