Housing in France – All you need to know to live in France

housingWe invite you to find in this article all the information on housing in France. Indeed, before leaving to work in France, you must know how to find accommodation in France.

Finding accommodation in France is an essential step for anyone wishing to work and live in France.

Indeed, you must have a global idea on several essential points concerning housing.

Also, you will be working in France so you need to know information about housing in France.

Indeed, in this part, we will present to you notions that we consider fundamental to know before looking for accommodation in France.

Thus, here are the points that we will address:

  1. The types of accommodation in France.
  2. Rental prices in France.
  3. The list of real estate agencies in France.
  4. The list of accommodation sites in France.
  5. Types of rental agreement.
  6. The insurance.
  7. The housing tax in France

Let’s discover together the points to know about housing.

1. Types of Accommodation in France When

you arrive in France, you can help out by living with a friend or relative or even in a hotel while waiting to find accommodation.

But, you must first know the different types of accommodation available in France.

Thus, we have 8 types of housing that we will present them to you, namely:

  • Apartment.
  • Duplex
  • Studio
  • Triplex
  • A loft
  • Souplex
  • Residence hotels
  • La Colocation.

2. Rent

prices in France Rent prices in France are generally calculated according to the type of accommodation, the area, and the cities.

Indeed, in this part, we will present the different prices of housing in France by type and by city, namely:

  • Rent prices for Studios in France
  • apartments
  • Rent for Duplex
  • Triplex housing prices in France

In addition, we will focus on prices in the following cities:

  • Paris
  • Nice
  • Lyon
  • Bordeaux
  • Lille
  • Marseille, Toulouse, Montpellier
  • Nantes, Grenoble, Rennes
  • Clermont-Ferrand


3. The list of real estate agencies in France

For increase your chances of finding accommodation, it is advisable to call on real estate agencies in France and experts in the field.

One of the best ways to find accommodation in France is to use real estate agencies.

Indeed, real estate agencies can find you the accommodation of your choice more easily given their extensive networks.

Thus, in this part, we will present to you 14 of the best real estate agencies in France, namely:

  1. ERA France
  2. Century 21
  3. ORPI
  4. IRESP
  5. Arcad Immo
  6. Compass Immobilier
  7. Transaxia France
  8. CIMM
  9. Nestenn
  10. The address
  11. IAD France
  12. Nexity
  13. Citya Immobilier
  14. Billon Immobilier

Moreover, in each of its real estate agencies, we will focus on 4 essential points, namely:

  • The presentation of the agency.
  • The number of offices of the agency.
  • The types of accommodation it offers.
  • And finally, the cities of France from which it is available.


4. List of accommodation sites in France

Whatever type of accommodation you desire, just visit a few accommodation sites in France to find one that suits you.

One of the best ways to find accommodation in France is to consult French accommodation sites.

Thus, in this part we are going to present to you the 19 best sites to find accommodation in France, of which here is the list:

  1. Se
  2. Paru Sold
  3. For sale for rent
  4. Fnaim
  5. Super Immo
  6. Bien Ici
  7. Logic Immo
  8. PaP
  9. Immobilier France
  10. Le coin de l’immo
  11. Acropole Immo
  12. Entre Particuliers
  13. Immo de France
  14. Rep Immo
  15. Immo Trovit
  16. Appartager
  17. Roommate Club
  18. Map of Roommates
  19. Immo Jeune

In addition, in each of its sites, we will focus on the following points, namely:

  • The presentation of the website.
  • Types of accommodation.
  • The towns in France where the accommodation is located.
  • The number of ads on this site.
  • And finally the mobile applications of the site if they exist.


5. Types of rental

contract The rental contract in France materializes the rights and obligations of the owner and the tenant.

Before you negotiate or sign the lease contract, you will need to pay attention to a few important points.

The contract serves to protect the owner and the tenant of the property in question.

Everyone has rights and obligations that they must respect.

The contract is a means of guaranteeing the rights of each party.

Indeed, in this part, we will focus on the following points, namely:

  • The inventory.
  • The essential content in a lease contract.
  • The duration of the rental contract
  • And finally, the guarantee deposit.


6. Home insurance in France

Home insurance in France is insurance intended for individuals and their annexes.

Its main purpose is to cover the premises, their contents and the civil liability of its occupants.

In fact, taking out home insurance is compulsory.

Thus, in this article, we will present to you some points to know absolutely, namely:

  • How does home insurance work?
  • How much does home insurance cost?
  • The best insurers in France.


7. Housing tax in France

In France, the housing tax (TH) is a tax applicable to each person (owner or tenant or occupant free of charge) having a property.

Indeed, you should know that this tax is mandatory regardless of the size or type of housing.

Thus, in addition to the price of the rent, and the home insurance, you must take into consideration that the tenant can also pay the tax unless the lease contract stipulates otherwise.

Moreover, in this part, we will focus on the following points, namely:

  • What is the housing tax?
  • Premises concerned by the TH
  • Who must pay the residence tax in France?
  • The value of TH.



Thus, to conclude, by studying all its aspects and points, you will have an overall idea of ​​housing in France.

If you do not master the rights and obligations to which you are subject, we advise you to call on real estate agencies in France.

They are there to help you and find you the best accommodation that suits you by also helping you with the lease contract and any other related aspect.