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The best job sites in France

We invite you to discover the best job sites in France because you must know all the sites that offer job offers in France for French people and foreigners. Moreover, we always advise you to diversify your job search sources to increase your chances of finding a job in France. […]

J2M, Paris Law Firm

J2M, Paris Law Firm


You are a foreign student (non-EU national) holding a “student” residence permit and requesting a change of status to “employee” (or “temporary worker”). The request for a change of visa must be submitted to the prefecture of your place of residence.   TABLE OF CONTENT     THE WORK AUTHORIZATION […]

Foreign doctors born and qualified abroad

France — A recent Irdes study shows that the presence of foreign doctors born and qualified abroad partly fills medical gaps in French rural areas. But France is reluctant, compared to other developed countries, to resort to this option. Study on liberal general practitioners While the majority deputies and the […]

J2M, Paris Law Firm

working holiday

Working Holiday Program (PVT) France

The Working Holiday Program (PVT), also known as a working holiday visa, allows young people aged 18 to 30 to travel for a year to another country with the possibility of working there to supplement their budget.  The working holiday programs are aimed at young people aged 18 to 30 […]

I want to come and work in France, is it possible?

In France, there are many foreigners who have found a job, work in France and earn their living as they should. On the other hand, finding a job in France when you are of a foreign nationality is not always easy. You have to follow a whole procedure and get […]

J2M, Paris Law Firm

J2M, Paris Law Firm

How to Practice Medicine in France?

If you need to know how to Practice Medicine in France, and what conditions and procedure you must follow, please answer the questions below. This is the first step to get assistance throughout the process. Three conditions are necessary to practice medicine in France: diplomas, nationality and registration on the […]

Foreigner in France: can I be self-employed “auto-entrepreneur” ?

Do you have the right to create an auto-entrepreneur status (self-employed) as a foreigner who wants to work in France? If so, under what conditions? What if you are a student? The answers to these questions depend mainly on your residence permit. Let’s take a closer look at the different […]

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APS: Foreign students wishing to work in France

Foreign students have to request an APS: Provisional Residence Authorization to work in France after obtaining a diploma. A foreign student who has obtained his diploma may apply for a temporary residence permit under certain conditions. What are the steps to take? Can I apply for another residence permit at […]


Many people doubt whether a foreigner in allowed to create a business in France. As a person of foreign nationality (non-European national) wishing to exercise a commercial, industrial, artisanal activity or another self-employed profession in France, you must have a temporary residence permit (also called a residence permit) authorizing the […]

J2M, Paris Law Firm

J2M, law firm


Foreign companies having its headquarters abroad without a permanent establishment in France can employ salaried staff even if it has no office in F. The recruitment of an employee in France by a foreign company is provided for by the Labor Code and supervised by specific reporting bodies. In all […]