How to get a job in France? Questions & Answers

How to get a job in France?

Before preparing to immigrate, you need to know how to get a job in France? You must have done your home work and know how you can come and work in France? You have many questions in mind to prepare your immigration in order to be able to work in France. 

Indeed, in this part, we will try to group together all the possible questions that you must ask yourself to prepare your file for immigration to France. Besides, these questions can answer all your information needs. 

These questions relate to the following subjects:

Thus, you will have a clearer idea of ​​all your questions before leaving to settle and work in France. In addition, this section will be regularly updated to provide you with more answers to your questions.

Before hiring a foreigner, the employer must check whether the candidate has the right to work in France. The employer must then follow the usual hiring formalities. When the employee has never been registered in France, the employer must apply for registration with the Health Care system.


Obtaining authorization to work in France

A foreigner entering France to take up salaried employment must hold a work permit work). Otherwise, he cannot be hired. permit work can take the form either of a visa or a residence permit, or of a document separate from the residence document.

Submit the application for a work permit in France. The recruitment of a foreign employee who does not hold a visa or residence residence permit authorizing the exercise of a salaried activity ( Passport Talent or Employee ICT for example) requires a specific work permit. 

The filing of the work permit application file is at the initiative of the employer, whether based in France or abroad. The company must submit the work permit application at least 1 month before taking office.

Prior to submitting the file, the employer must have carried out research to recruit a candidate already present on the labor market in France with the assistance of public placement organizations (Apec and Pôle Emploi for example) or private.

 Good to know: 

obtaining a work permit does not exempt the foreign national from taking steps to obtain a visa authorizing his entry into French territory and a residence permit granting him a right of residence. (stay longer than 3 months).