Real estate market: a future in the light of the Finance Act 2012

Real estate market: a future in the light of the Finance Act 2012

The real estate market is at a turning Ile, announced solemnly experts. Still, it should not take it to the wall …

While real estate has become the “vault” of the French – i.e. the safe haven in the most reassuring for the insane rise of property prices over the past two years – the government is to wield the crowbar of taxation via the Finance Act 2012. History clean up a bit of a prey to the volatile market syndrome “Crash, boom, bubble.” And that’s what hangs in the face of households …

The proud owners of good juicy rooms, rent, will be taxed. The idea of government: get 10% to 40% of rents deemed too high relative to market practice “for areas below 13 m 2 , starting on 1 st January. All current leases are concerned with and future tax ceiling price per square meter, which will be fixed by decree. For Paris, you can count around 40 euros.

The environmentalists may be rubbing their hands. The combination of eco-interest loan and tax credit “sustainable development”, launched in 2009 and retoqué in 2011, returns under a current income ceiling of 30,000 euros per year.The tax credit will be raised up to 50% for the heaviest jobs. But the subsidy rate will be reviewed in the case. And loan repayment spread over 15 years green instead of 10.

The rate of tax reduction for residential homes for senior els, tourism and students from 18% to 10% or 12%.

The Scellier remains in the race but it is cut The device that supports the private rental investment through tax cuts for the lease of property for a minimum of nine 9-year survival gains until 2015. But the rate of tax reduction for low energy buildings (BBC) from 22% in 2011 to 14% in the draft 2012 budget law.

As for the duration of the taxation of capital gains – which made ​​him shudder and shake the owners property? From 1 stFebruary, exemption from real estate gains of second homes will be after 30 years of holding the property, against 15 years now.