doctorThe government plans to create a residence permit Talent Medical Profession for health professionals. To address the shortages of doctors that threaten our healthcare system, this solution is a key provision of the Immigration Act 2023.The goal is to attract more foreign doctors and reform the Padhue regime.

In its immigration bill, the State mentions several measures, including that of creating a new residence permit, designed specifically to welcome foreign healthcare professionals to France. Modeled on the “talent passport” model, this particular residence permit could make it possible to recruit all kinds of doctors and finally minimize the waiting times that the French encounter before being able to consult.

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The new residence permit Talent Medical for health professionals.

A completely new kind of residence permit will be rolled out. This would be a residence card“ talent – medical and pharmacy professions ”, which could be granted to doctors, whatever their specialty, midwives and pharmacists from all over the world.It will allow them to come and practice in France in hospitals and practices and to strengthen teams.

This new residence permit will concern doctors, regardless of their specialty, as well as midwives, dental surgeons and pharmacists. Article 7 of the text specifies that this card is intended for health professionals and their families “provided they are recruited by a public or private non-profit health establishment”. The objective is to recruit foreign health personnel who, for lack of a residence permit, still cannot be hired despite their qualifications.

The ability of future health professionals to practice in the medical environment will be checked, in particular by the imperative presence of their diplomas and proof of their school course in their application for a residence permit.In addition, the text provides for the issuance of the title to be conditional on authorization from the regional health agency (ARS). The card will be valid between one and four years, depending on the validation by the practitioner of the knowledge verification tests (EVC).

Which doctors could be recruited from abroad in France?

As stipulated above, all kinds of doctors, whether general practitioners or specialists, will be able to claim the issuance of a residence permit.“talent – medical and pharmacy professions”. Dental surgeons, pharmacists, midwives and other specialists in the medical sector will therefore be able to apply for this residence permit to practice their profession in France.

The purpose of this system is to allow rural areas to benefit from the presence of doctors and to avoid the population having to sometimes travel to other regions for emergency consultations.

The residence permit for health professionals will be entitled “talent – medical and pharmacy professions “. Doctors, pharmacists, midwives or dental surgeons may request it. They will also need to get authorization from the regional health agency (ARS) to practice in a health establishment. This card will not only allow the practitioner recruited by a hospital or a practice to come and work in France, but also his family to accompany him.

What about the families of health professionals with Talent Medical card?

Relatives of health professionals moved to provide medical care in France will also be invited to join them. This residence permit should effectively allow the spouses and children of the foreign nationals concerned to reside and work in the territory. More information on the terms and conditions of the residence permit will be available in prefecture when the law is enacted.