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How to renew a French Residence Permit when divorced ?

Divorce can have consequences on the renewal of a foreigner’s residence permit when the latter’s ex-wife is of French nationality. The question that arises is: How to renew my residence permit if I am divorced from my French wife? To answer this question, we will first see what is the […]

Is speaking French mandatory to get a French residence permit?

The first thing to master if you want to live or reside in a foreign country is its language! France, which grants French nationality to more than 100,000 foreigners a year, has required mastery of the French language from all applicants for long-term residence and naturalization. France thus requires a […]

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I want to come and work in France, is it possible?

In France, there are many foreigners who have found a job, work in France and earn their living as they should. On the other hand, finding a job in France when you are of a foreign nationality is not always easy. You have to follow a whole procedure and get […]


SUMMARY The appeal before the Commission (CRRV) Filing a parallel hierarchical appeal Referral to the Administrative Court 1 THE APPEAL BEFORE THE COMMISSION (CRRV)  Created in 2000, the Appeals Commission against decisions refusing entry visas to France (CRRV) is responsible for examining appeals against decisions refusing visas to enter France […]

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SUMMARY What may be the reasons for visa refusal Preparing to lodge an appeal Send the file to the lawyer Have you applied for a visa for France and have you been refused? When your passport was returned to you, you also received a document called Visa Refusal which you countersigned, […]


You are a foreign student (non-EU national) holding a “student” residence permit and requesting a change of status to “employee” (or “temporary worker”). The request for a change of visa must be submitted to the prefecture of your place of residence.   TABLE OF CONTENT     THE WORK AUTHORIZATION […]

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As French Immigration lawyer, J2M concentrates on Visa law

As immigration lawyer, our law firm concentrates on French immigration and Visa law and has established experience in this field. We assist foreigners in their steps to obtain a Visa and a residence permit, to change status, to challenge a decision denying the issuance of a residence permit with or […]

The best private schools and universities in France

Have you just moved to France and are looking for an international French school for your child? France has a great selection of international schools available, whatever your nationality. Here is our guide to the best international schools in France, private and public, in the 10 biggest cities in France. […]

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Emergency and Rescue services in France

Emergency call numbers are telephone numbers for reaching public emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These numbers are generally short and free. Like several Western countries where such a system was already in place, the Ministry of Health French asked that a free emergency call number […]