A residence permit for health professionals

health professionalThe French Government intends to create a residence permit for Health Professionals willing to work and come to France with their family.

The government wishes the creation of a new residence permit intended for health professionals, in order to attract foreign doctors in particular and thus “meet the need for recruitment” in this sector in difficulty , can we read in its bill on immigration.

Inspired by the talent passport, this new multi-year residence permit called “talent – medical and pharmacy professions” is wide-ranging. It must indeed concern doctors “whatever their specialty”, midwives, dental surgeons as well as pharmacists.


A residence permit for health professionals

The government also wants to create a residence permit for “jobs in tension” , valid for one year. If the bill is adopted, the system will come into force “on an experimental basis” until December 31, 2026. A report on this measure will then be sent to the Parliament.

With these residence permits for “jobs in tension”, the executive intends to create a residence permit “talent-medical professions and pharmacy“, for a maximum duration of 13 months. It concerns in particular doctors, and this, “whatever their specialty”.

According to article 7, this system is aimed at health professionals and their families “as soon as they are recruited by a public or private non-profit health establishment” . “This title aims to meet the need to recruit qualified health personnel” , in particular because these foreign practitioners cannot always be hired at present, “for lack of a residence permit that fully meets the specificity of these situations” , justifies the executive to AFP. “It would be linked to a knowledge evaluation system”.

Recruitment goal

The health sector is sorely lacking in arms in France, in particular at the hospital, where we continue to close beds for “lack of caregivers” explained the Minister of Health, François Braun.

In rural areas, the problem of medical deserts continues to arise for 1.7  million French people far from a general practitioner. Concerning specialists, the picture is even bleaker: the waiting period is often several months, and it is generally necessary to make a trip of at least 30 minutes by car to get to the consultation.

A minimum command of French required

In terms of integration, the government wants to raise the prerequisites for people who wish to settle in the territory. Thus, as provided for in Article  1, the issue of a multi-year residence permit would henceforth be conditional on the mastery of a minimum level of French, and no longer only on attendance at courses to learn the language.