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France must strengthen its Talent Passport

The talent passport is a multi-year residence permit for foreigners wishing to work in France for more than 3 months. In a note published on Tuesday, the Economic Analysis Council (CAE) highlights the weaknesses of the systems in force to attract skilled labor and high-potential foreign students to France. “The […]

J2M, Paris Law Firm

J2M, Paris Law Firm

Which Visa to France should you ask for?

The type of Visa to France to apply depends on the purpose of your trip and the duration of your stay. Visas to France are not issued here in France. They are issued in your country. So you must apply for it in your country of origin or in your […]

France must strengthen its Talent Passport Visa program.

According to the EAC, the French Passeport Talent Visa program is still too weak to attract qualified workers and high potential foreign students to France.  “The spirit of our study is to promote labor immigration by promoting the arrival in France of qualified immigration from diverse backgrounds” indicates Emmanuelle Auriol […]

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A residence permit for health professionals

The French Government intends to create a residence permit for Health Professionals willing to work and come to France with their family. The government wishes the creation of a new residence permit intended for health professionals, in order to attract foreign doctors in particular and thus “meet the need for recruitment” in […]

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Is speaking French mandatory to get a French residence permit?

The first thing to master if you want to live or reside in a foreign country is its language! France, which grants French nationality to more than 100,000 foreigners a year, has required mastery of the French language from all applicants for long-term residence and naturalization. France thus requires a […]

A new Talent Passport for foreign doctors

The government wants to create a new residence permit to attract foreign doctors in particular: the Talent Medical passport.   The aim of the new Health Talent Passport It would be intended for health professionals and their families “as soon as they are recruited by a public or private non-profit […]

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Visa for France

How to get a Visa for France?

We invite you to find in this article, how you can have a visa for France. If you have managed to get a job in France, now is the time to move to France. Thus, by discovering these articles, you will have a fairly broad idea of ​​everything related to […]

French Holding Company & Talent Passport

Planning to set up a French Holding company can help a lot to get a Talent Passport and to enjoy a very Tax Effective structuring when you are in France.  1 Before Coming You might have a running company in your home country and wonder how to use it to […]

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Immigrate To France – The 4 Steps To Follow

To Immigrate to France and come to work in France, you should know that there are several ways to immigrate. Moreover, France is considered to be one of the favorite destinations for foreign immigrants. Every year, thousands of new immigrants leave for France to find a job and start a […]