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Many people doubt whether a foreigner in allowed to create a business in France. As a person of foreign nationality (non-European national) wishing to exercise a commercial, industrial, artisanal activity or another self-employed profession in France, you must have a temporary residence permit (also called a residence permit) authorizing the […]

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Can I travel with a residence permit application receipt?

If you are in the process of obtaining or renewing a residence permit, you know that you must regularly request a new receipt from the prefecture. But does this renewal receipt allow you to travel abroad? When you apply for a residence permit at the prefecture or sub-prefecture of your […]

France must strengthen its Talent Passport Visa program.

According to the EAC, the French Passeport Talent Visa program is still too weak to attract qualified workers and high potential foreign students to France.  “The spirit of our study is to promote labor immigration by promoting the arrival in France of qualified immigration from diverse backgrounds” indicates Emmanuelle Auriol […]

Work in France

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Immigrate To France – The 4 Steps To Follow

To Immigrate to France and come to work in France, you should know that there are several ways to immigrate. Moreover, France is considered to be one of the favorite destinations for foreign immigrants. Every year, thousands of new immigrants leave for France to find a job and start a […]

The change from Student Visa to Freelance

A foreign national holding a student residence permit may apply for the change of student visa status to entrepreneur visa. In reality, strictly speaking, there is no longer a residence permit bearing the mention “trader”. The residence permit that allows the exercise of an independent activity, in a company or […]

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family reunification

Immigration of Family Members to France

Family reunification is a procedure that will be initiated by a foreigner who has a residence permit in France to bring their family members: spouse and children.  To start this family reunification procedure, the applicant for family reunification must meet a number of conditions. The conditions to be met by […]


The bill on immigration and the right to asylum has been adopted by the Council of Ministers. The text proposes a new residence permit for jobs in tension. The project includes a large number of provisions aimed at improving the employment of foreign workers in an irregular situation and that […]

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J2M, Paris Law Firm

France must strengthen its Talent Passport

The talent passport is a multi-year residence permit for foreigners wishing to work in France for more than 3 months. In a note published on Tuesday, the Economic Analysis Council (CAE) highlights the weaknesses of the systems in force to attract skilled labor and high-potential foreign students to France. “The […]