To convince bankers and investors of the seriousness of your company and secure the financial
balance of your cash flow, the choice of tax regimes is an essential element of your business plan or
the development plan of your project.

The initial choice of a tax and VAT regime as well as the changes envisaged over time are an integral part of
your plan and you must be able to justify your options to your creditors. The tax regimes for your profits
and VAT chosen must be mentioned on your declaration of activity taken out with your business formalities

The “Tax booklet for business creators” gives you the keys to business taxation.
The Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFiP), administration at the service of companies, has
written this booklet which guarantees you complete, up-to-date, impartial information, accessible to all
free of charge by downloading it from the website, professional section: Create my
company > I complete the creation formalities > Useful documentation.

In addition, the business tax service (SIE) supports your company in its procedures and personally responds
to all your requests for information by e-mail, telephone or post. He welcomes you by appointment to help
you with your tax procedures when setting up your business or on its first anniversary. He is your single
point of contact in this matter. His contact details are available at the bottom of the home page of the website: CONTACT > Professional > Your request concerns A business in France > Business

by completing the section: to find the competent service for your question, enter your address.
As a reference administration, the DGFiP invests heavily in new information and communication
technologies in order to offer entrepreneurs a real simplification of their procedures and quality tax