The PTZ Plus was also planned for the French overseas!

Indeed, in order to benefit from this aid scheme, the suitor must report their income (reference taxable income) for the year N-2.
For expatriates, it is possible to introduce a tax notice issued by a foreign tax administration or a certificate of another relevant authority or employer of the purchaser.

On the other hand, the question arose for the first-time buyers. A French resident must prove that he has not owned in the past 2 years (see the documents required ). But what about living abroad?

A note of SGFGAS (public body responsible for managing the device) answers the question: “The aim is to promote home ownership of a principal residence in France provisions are applicable only in France . As a result, a person living abroad is not the owner in France , and is therefore considered first-time buyers on the period or periods of residence outside of France. Clearly, you may very well be or have owned your principal residence abroad. Just to prove that you were living well outside of France in the past 2 years. If you do not find abroad for the full two years, you will still need to prove your property for non- periods when you were living in France.

To instruct your mortgage application to zero addition, various documents will be requested. To your convenience, here is the list of documents required and the standard models of statements and certificates.

To request a PTZ Plus, you will be asked to prepare a fact sheet with information on your marital status, your income, the real estate transaction, but also about the primary residence occupied before, as well as the financing in place.

Information to indicate
the fact sheet
Supporting documents to
The identity and number of people who occupy the housing Depending on your situation:
  • Identity Documents borrowers
  • Residence permit
  • Family record book
  • Marriage contract
  • Divorce decree and, where applicable, a sworn statement on joint custody , to formally establish the number of persons to occupy the dwelling
  • Certificate of pregnancy
  • Certificate of cohabitation
The resources of all persons to occupy the unit for Tax notice:
  • The tax notice for the year N-2 of all persons to occupy the unit for
  • If attached to the taxpayer of parents affidavit resources individualized
  • If returning expatriate settled in France: a notice of income tax corresponding to the tax provisions that regulate the income tax in the country of origin or a document serving as established by the tax authorities in this country. If unable to obtain warranted such a document, presentation of a certificate of another administrative authority or, where appropriate, the employer or employers, may be admitted.
Evidence that the future occupants of the dwelling was not owned their principal residence in the last 2 years
  • In any case: affidavit of first-time buyers
  • For tenants:
    • the lease corresponding to the last 2 years
    • the last rent receipt and a release every six months for the period of two years prior to the issuance of the loan offer
    • evidence that this or these homes were in fact your primary residence: notice of income tax and residence tax OR two documents consistent establishing his place of residence, such as insurance certificate for liability related to housing, electricity bill, water, gas or phone OR two of the following valid and indicating an address identical identification card, passport, certificate of vital card, voter card , driving license, car registration
  • If staying with parents:
    • sworn statement of parents who report having hosted their (s) child (ren)
    • justification of non-ownership of the residence: prove that it is the parents who are the occupants of the residence title, either as a tenant (lease with a third party lessor established in their names and receipts rent), or as owners (cadastral, land tax etc.).
  • If the occupant of a dwelling assigned due to the exercise of a function or occupation of a job : ability to produce a certificate from the employer for the period of two years.
The proposed real estate transaction Depending on the case and if you have these documents:
  • Construction: building permits construction contract or + market + work private sale agreement or deed of sale of the land + declaration of completion and certificate of compliance estimates and invoices + work + sales agreement or bill of sale field
  • Buying a Home with a promoter: reservation contract or preliminary contract or contract for property development or lease-accession
  • Purchase and improvement of housing: building permit + sales agreement or bill of sale and invoice quote + work + declaration of completion of work and compliance certificate
  • Purchase and conversion of local accommodation: + building permit agreement to sell or bill of sale or title + quotes and invoices relating to development works + declaration of completion of work and compliance certificate
  • If accessing performs the work itself (in addition to the documents requested above): estimates and invoices for materials and equipment hire + employment contract and pay slip when accessing uses the outside labor

On the other hand, if you wish to exercise a professional or commercial activity in housing financed , you must provide a statement to that effect

The energy performance of housing All documents available establishing the energy performance of housing:
  • certificate of award of the BBC for a new home
  • diagnostic energy (energy label) for an old housing: housing certificate diagnosis for heating individual and collective , prepared by an expert approved
  • contract specifying the energy performance of future housing in the case of an off-plan or structure
Funding in place All documents on real estate financing in place (amortization tables mortgage loans statements.)