Can I travel with a residence permit application receipt?

prefectureIf you are in the process of obtaining or renewing a residence permit, you know that you must regularly request a new receipt from the prefecture. But does this renewal receipt allow you to travel abroad?

When you apply for a residence permit at the prefecture or sub-prefecture of your place of residence, you will receive a temporary residence document called “receipt“. This document proves the registration of your first request or your renewal application and allows you to stay regularly in France during the examination of your file. It will be given to you as soon as your file is complete.


Can I travel with a receipt for the first application for a residence permit?

If you have made a first application for a residence permit, you have in principle received a receipt for a period of four or six months, which may exceptionally be renewed for three months. Unfortunately, this document does not allow you to travel abroad. In fact, a receipt for the first application for a residence permit does not allow you to return on French territory without a visa accompanying your passport. Thus, if you decide to leave French soil for any reason during this period, you will need to obtain a visa to legally return to France.. It is therefore preferable to wait until you obtain your residence permit to go abroad, even if the administrative procedure can be long and complex.If you are finally granted a residence permit, you can then travel serenely.

Can I travel with a renewal receipt or a duplicate residence permit?

If you wait the renewal or a duplicate of your residence permit, it was given to you a receipt valid for three months, from the day after the expiry date of your previous card.This receipt, which can be renewed every three months until the end of the examination of your file, allows you to travel. To go abroad and, above all, to be able to return to French territory, you will need to present your receipt accompanied by your expired residence permit or the declaration of theft or loss of your residence permit as well as your passport. You must imperatively return to France during the period of validity of the receipt. If you respect these rules, your trip abroad will have no impact.It is therefore important to respect the validity periods of your residence permit and to renew it before it expires in order to be able to continue to travel legally..

What document to provide to renew your 10-year residence permit?

When you have acquired a right of soil after more than 5 years in the territory, you can apply for a 10-year residence permit. The documents for this are also similar with the same documents as the normal residence permits (1 year). However, a small change in the loop. Some prefectures require your proof of income, address, diplomas or training certificate and a document attesting on the honor of non-polygamy. However, if the request for 10 years is a renewal, the supporting documents to be submitted are as follows:

  • Identity card: the original and a legible copy of both sides of the residence card
  • Passport: the original as well as a double-sided, legible copy of the dedicated pages
  • Tax notice
  • Proof of address and income
  • Sworn statement of non-polygamy