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Business-Creator-tax-memo To convince bankers and investors of the seriousness of your company and secure the financial balance of your cash flow, the choice of tax regimes is an essential element of your business plan or the development plan of your project. The initial choice of a tax and VAT regime […]

French Research Tax Credit

The Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry and the Minister of Higher Education and Research presented a paper on the review of the research tax credit (CIR). Private Research and development (R & D) is a key factor for increasing business productivity, exports and business results. Thus, CIR is one of […]


The administration released earlier this year a statement on the new documentation requirements for transfer pricing (Instruction of 23 December 2010, four A-10-10) introduced by Article L 13aa of the LPF. The requirements apply to fiscal years beginning on 1 st January 2010, but in the context of tax audits […]

Tax Returns and Rates of Tax

 Tax Returns.   A corporate income tax return with all its appropriate schedules must be filed within a period of three months following the close of each fiscal year; if no fiscal year ended during a calendar year, a return must be filed for the preceding calendar year on or before […]

International Aspects of Corporate Taxation

The scope of application of the French corporate income tax is determined on a territorial basis. Thus, a French or foreign company is subject to corporate income tax only on its income derived from business operations carried on in France. A distinction is made between a French or foreign company […]


Net taxable income is theoretically the net increase in a taxpayers net worth from one fiscal year to the next. Such net increase is equal to the difference between the net book value of assets at the beginning and at the end of the fiscal period, decreased by any additional […]


It is important to point out the specific tax accounting rules which must be followed in connection with the determination of the net taxable income of companies subject to French corporate income tax. Every company engaged in commercial activities in France is required to keep a journal (livre journal) in which […]


All legal entities that carry out operations in France, other than certain sociétés à responsabilité limitée and exploitations agricoles à responsabilité limitée which may elect to be deemed transparent for income tax purposes, are subject to corporate income tax (impôt sur les sociétés).   While, as a practical matter, such corporate […]