Foreign doctors allowed to practice medicine in France

health professionalPursuant to article L.4111-1 of the public health code, no one can practice medicine in France unless they meet several cumulative criteria.

  1. holder of a diploma, certificate or other title mentioned in article L.4131 -1;
  2. of French nationality, of Andorran citizenship or of a national of a member state of the European community or party to the agreement on the European Economic Area, of a country bound by an establishment agreement with France, of Morocco or of Tunisia ;
  3. registered with the Order of Physicians, the latter condition being particularly subordinate to the achievement of the first two.

see also: The 2023 overhaul of French Immigration Law.

The conditions are cumulative.

By way of derogation, foreign doctors native from outside Europe, French community or foreign nationals who do not meet one or the other, or even the first two conditions set out in article L.41111 of the public health code may be authorized to practice medicine. if they meet two conditions.

1 / They must prove that they have the necessary medical knowledge by participating in a written test organized by the Ministry of Health.

2 / They must also prove that they have sufficient mastery of the French language by participating in a test to verify mastery of the French language.

In accordance with the provisions of Article L. 4111-2, I of the Public Health Code, the Minister responsible for health may, after consulting a committee including in particular delegates from the National Council of the Order and trade unions of the profession, chosen by these bodies, authorize individually to practice, in a discipline or specialty.

Foreign Doctors from outside Europe

Doctors holding a diploma form outside Europe who have passed anonymous tests to verify mastery of the French language and tests to verify their medical knowledge. Tests are organized by specialty.

Doctors who have passed the tests must also justify three years of service in a service or body approved for the training of interns. However, the functions exercised before passing these tests may be taken into account after consulting the committee.

Foreign Doctors from Europe

foreign doctors, holders of a European diploma (article L. 4111-2, I bis of the public health code);

The maximum number of candidates likely to be accepted for these tests for each discipline or specialty is set by order of the Minister responsible for health. Refugees, stateless persons, beneficiaries of territorial asylum and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and French people who have returned to the national territory at the request of the French authorities are not included in this number.

All the information concerning the progress of this procedure can be found on the website of the Ministry of (Heading professions and competitions – competitions – recruitments, competitions and examinations of the hospital public service organized by the CNG – authorization procedure for the exercise of the profession of doctor).

Procedure for obtaining the Equivalence of the Foreign diploma