Such an investment can be summarized in four points:

1 / You buy a new home (or shots) in a tourist residence closed.

2 / You entrust the management of your property management company that takes care of everything (maintenance and rental of the property) and rent guarantees.

3 / You get a tax reduction and the recovery of VAT.

4 / You can occupy the unit a few weeks a year.

Residence accommodation tourism.

A tourist home is a housing complex designed for holidays and for tourists offering a number of services. Specifically, it is a homogeneous set of rooms or apartments offered for rent for occupation by the day, week or month for tourists who do not elect domicile. It has a minimum of equipment and joint services, and managed in all cases by one person, usually a corporation.

To receive this designation, residents must obtain their ranking to the services of the Prefecture. They are divided into categories represented by stars, whose number increases with the comfort and amenities.

For the vacationer, the residence offers a formula by offering a smart living accommodation with service and leisure activities. These include catering, cleaning homes, provision of linen, hospitality, child care, but also the presence of a swimming pool, gym and various sports facilities (tennis, golf, etc. .), a laundry room. All residences obviously do not have all these benefits that are based on the category of the residence.

Property without regard

Given all these services, investment freehold would be too heavy because the financial services offered and the common equipment generate high loads. Also, purchasing options developed by the developers and marketers do not allow you to pay in the end that you need, a few weeks of vacation per year.

The idea is simple. To recoup an investment of entertainment that will serve you as your holiday, you have to rent the rest of the time .

So you will just give the operation of your property to a corporation . So when you buy in a resort, in fact you sign two contracts: a bill of sale classic at the same time a commercial lease , with an operating company that will manage your property for you. It will not only take care to give it to rent to tourists but also to maintain it. In other words, you do not do anything.

Guaranteed rent

The operating company you are guaranteed the payment of rent which is determined at the outset. Being a commercial lease, it is in principle indexed every three years. The guaranteed amount takes into account the price of rentals, the filling ratio, but also charges related to housing (maintenance, repairs) and marketing costs of stay. It also depends on the number of weeks when you book accommodation (up to five / six weeks).

The advantage of the formula lies in the rental guarantee the contract of lease, and in the absence of constraints management and maintenance.

A property tax-exempt

When you invest in a tourist home, you can claim the device of tax exemption Scellier-Bouvard . There is also talk of tax cuts Scellier serviced residences.


You can benefit from the tax benefit if you invest up to 31 December 2012 (the date of signing of the deed as proof), in a new home or purchased in the future state of completion (off plan) located in a tourist residence.

You must commit to rent the furnished housing for at least nine years, the operator of the facility or residence. That’s why you sign a commercial lease for a minimum of nine years.

Any condition relating to the amount of rent and / or resources of tenants and occupants is to be observed.

The tax benefit

It takes the form of a tax reduction equal to 18% of the cost for investment in 2011 and 2012 (against 25% previously). The cost is taken into account within the limit of € 300,000 . Under the same tax year, many homes may be eligible for the tax reduction. However, the basis for the tax reduction calculated on the cost of housing or may not exceed € 300,000 in respect of a taxation year: the maximum annual tax reduction of € 54,000 is .

The reduction is spread over nine years through ninth, after the year of completion of the dwelling or that of its acquisition, whichever is later.

The cost includes the purchase price excluding tax (VAT, see below) plus legal fees , about 3% since this is a new home.

Example You buy off-plan in 2011 a new house worth € 400,000 in a tourist residence. It is delivered and then leased in 2012. The tax reduction is: 300,000 x 18% = € 54,000. It is spread over nine years at a rate of € 6,000 per year under the income tax years 2012 to 2020. Under identical conditions but for an investment amounting to € 200,000, the tax cut is (200,000 x 18%) / 9 = € 4,000 per year.

This is not a tax credit , but a tax reduction. If the amount of tax is insufficient to absorb the tax reduction, the balance is carried forward to the income tax for six years. Finally, given the possibility of postponement, the tax cut can be spread over fifteen years.

Low rents charged

In principle, the commercial lease on a furnished apartment, you will declare the rents in industrial and commercial profits (BIC) and benefit from the micro-enterprises, that is to say an abatement of 50% the amount of your income .

But as a furnished classic, you can opt for an effective tax regime . In this case, you deduct your expenses, and you can depreciate the portion of the cost of housing in excess of € 300,000 (€ 100,000 for either an acquisition amounting to € 400,000). Because of deductible expenses, the rent charged is normally little or imposed.

An acquisition without VAT

Best of all: the tax benefit will be combined with the recovery of VAT, which will simply be deducted from the selling price. You should know in fact that when you buy a new home, the sale is subject to VAT at 19.6%. The advertised price is a price including tax and the vendor pays VAT to the tax you actually paid.

On the other hand, the services offered as part of the tourist homes are themselves subject to VAT, which permits the deduction of VAT on rentals (to be repaid to the Treasury) VAT on the sale price. To make things easier, most developers now offer immediately recover the VAT, which is then deducted from the selling price. In other words, you will pay a duty, not including tax.

In this case, the tax reduction is calculated on the tax price, since you can not stand VAT.

In your case, you are required to keep the property for a period of twenty years. Otherwise, you will be repaid to the tax 1 / 20 of the VAT a year remaining.

In the end, between the VAT recovery, guaranteed rents and the tax cut, the cost of your residence accommodation tourism has declined by almost half